Seichim  (say sheem) comes from the Egyptian word SekHem which translated into English means ‘Power of Powers”.
Seichim is ancient and sacred.
There is several variation of Seichim. Patrick Zeigler is the founder of Traditional Seichim and is acknowledged as the Grand Master of Seichim in the Western World.
Mary Shaw is the Creator and Founder of Isis Seichim
Isis Seichim was channelled by Mary Shaw and is constantly changing with use. As you expand into your SOUL energy so does SEICHIM.

It is an advanced form of hands on healing having sounds and symbols.
The Seichim process is a soul to soul contact allowing expansion to both.
Although ancient in its essence, in modern times Seichim is much more than simply a hands on healing technique.
There are two levels of Seichim, Practitioner and Seichim Master.

Seichim Practitioner /Master Course.

Date: T.B.A

Time: 10am - 3pm

You will receive a Manual, Attunement, Lineage and Certificate.
All inquires contact Doreen

Seichim Practitioner/ Master Online Course

You will receive a E-Manual, Distant Attunement, Lineage and Certificate

$200.00 AUD

Isis Seichim

Contact Doreen with all enquiries:
If you would like to learn Seichim in person, please contact Doreen for dates
Contact Doreen with all enquiries: