2020: Spiritual Awakening.

2020 Spiritual Awakening.

The Tarot Card for the year 2020 represents the Judgement card in the Tarot Key 20.

The Judgement card represents the year 2020. This card represents a cosmic wakeup call for us all this year. We have been in limbo long enough and it is time to wake up to our true spiritual self.
The coffins, represents the prisons of our lower selves, the manifest three dimensional physical world.
Archangel Gabriel has come for the purpose of salvation, he is the messenger waking up the dead to true life.
The trumpet and the seven lines emanating from the mouth of the trumpet, correspond to the seven chakras that are now liberated, tuned up, and Kundalini energy streaming forth throughout the spine up to the crown.
These seven tones carry the message of the trumpet, which cannot be ignored even by the sleeping or the deep.

Spiritual awakening is a shift in consciousness where we see the world through spiritual eyes. Not through the eyes of the EGO.
We serve two Masters throughout our life, the Higher Self and the Ego.

Spiritual awakening is a feeling like something has changed inside of you.
I was blessed to experience a spiritual awakening when I had my first Reiki treatment back in 1991.
I felt my whole body tingling and I experienced a change in consciousness.
I also felt that I had a clearing of all my negative thoughts and negative feelings about life itself.
I felt that I was floating on cloud nine. A feeling of being very happy and contented. I feeling of bliss that lasted for quite some time.
When we go through a spiritual awakening, we “wake up” to life. We think and feel differently. A very positive experience.
We start to question “Why we are here” and “Where are we going” We search for a more spiritual meaning in life. A search for God within ourselves.
We feel like we are a new person. Our dreams are more vivid. We are more interested in developing our psychic ability. We are more aware of our Guides and wish to communicate with them more often. We become more interested in New Age subjects and become interested in learning more about spiritual development by doing courses and workshops. Healing the self and others by learning Reiki or another energy healing modality is also very helpful to develop more spiritually. Everyone knows someone that can benefit from receiving healing.

2+ 0 + 2+ 0 added together = 4

Number 4 in Tarot represents the Emperor.

The Emperor is about stability and structure for 2020 It is time to put all your ideas and plans that you had a few years ago into action. You will also be called to step up and take on a leadership role this year whether it is at work, home or a group you belong to.

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2020 in Numerology adds to a Number 4

A year of stability. A time to establish a secure base for your future. Work is the important for this year. Don’t forget to have some fun as well.

Patience and organisation pay off. A realistic attitude is important.

Financially, it can be a good year as long as you are prepared to work for it, as it won’t be handed to you on a plate. A practical period when the opportunity to make plans and build stronger foundations your future. A time to purchase land or a home is favourable.Watch your health this year by sticking to a healthy diet and exercise plan. This is not an easy year for relationships, this is another area you need to work on if you want it to last the distance.

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