Avoid alcohol and drugs at all times when doing any psychic or spiritual work.
That goes for the recipient as well.

Avoid doing any psychic work if you are feeling exhausted or in a negative frame of mind.
Your surroundings must be kept harmonious and positive.

Whenever you are working with unseen forces for example:
Doing a Tarot reading,
Spiritual healing.
"Light a candle or two".
"Where there is light, there is no darkness".

White Light meditation.

Whenever you are dealing with people who you feel drains your energy,
or people who are in a negative state of mind most of the time, imagine a mirror shield all around yourself reflecting back whatever others are projecting to you.
Ask that the mirror shield be used to protect you and ask that it reflects everything back to the source of the negativity with love and healing.

Always give your Guides permission to protect your energy field from intruders.
It is important to be very specific.

If you are a Healer, Spiritual or otherwise, tell your Guides "That you are not going to be used as a "Rescue Vessel", unless you want to be used in that way.
Remember! You are always in charge.

Keeping your surroundings free from negativity.

This can be done by imaging a bright white light flowing all around you.
Feel the light moving round and round in a spiral movement.
I often image a mini tornado, sweeping up all the negativity in its path.
It can be done clockwise or anti-clockwise, use your intuition to which way is best.
Move the light [mini tornado] with your mind into each room of your house, place of work etc in a swirling motion, cleaning and sucking up all the negativity like a tornado, make sure you do every room, even the bathroom and toilet.
When you have gone around the whole house, imagine yourself throwing all the negativity you have collected out the door.
Send it out the door with love and healing.
Say this when you send it. "I send all this negativity out into the Universe with love and healing".

This can be done as often as you like.
If you do a lot of psychic work, at the end of each day would be beneficial.
It will prevent any negativity building up in the first place.
Smudging is another great way to clear negative energy.

Ringing a bell clears energy. Hold the bell at your heart chakra and ask for guidance whilst you are going to each room.
Start at the door way and ring the bell and let the vibration clear the room. Enter the room and ring the bell as you walk around the room. Use your intuition.

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Psychic Protection
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