The First Chakra -- "The Root"
The Root chakra is located roughly at the space between your genitals and your anus, called the perineum (pair-ih-NEE-um) and connects to the base of your spine.
Its color is red and has only one half. It is vertically oriented with the opening of it's funnel pointing toward the ground. This is the chakra through which your consciousness enters your physical body at the time of your birth. This chakra relates to matters of survival, base needs like food, water, air, shelter, as well as your ability to adapt to your environments. Because it has only one pole, or half, it tends to be a little larger than the other chakras. This is the chakra through which you absorb Earth Energies and ground excess energies.

In harmony - profound connection to nature. Trust in natures laws.
Out of harmony -  Inability to trust nature. Focus on material possessions. Needs to satisfy own desires and wishes.

The Second Chakra -- "Lower Abdomen"
The sex chakra is located just about three finger-widths below the navel on the midline of the body at the front, and at the sacrum on the back. Its color is orange, is bipolar, and is horizontally oriented.
This chakra relates to all things sexual and reproductive, urogenital health, the expression of sexuality, lusts and desires, and your ability to express your needs. It also relates to your ability to meet your base survival needs under your own power. If this chakra is damaged or malformed it will be all but impossible for you to conceive a child until balance is restored.

In harmony - A considerate, open, friendly, kind person who has no trouble sharing emotions, feelings with others, happily connected to life.
Out of harmony - Unsure and unstable in sexual and emotional matters. Cannot express feelings. Suppresses natural needs.

The Third Chakra -- "Solar Plexus"
The solar plexus chakra is located in the center of the torso, at about the level of the diaphragm or bread basket (about four finger-widths above the navel), and in roughly the same location on the back.
Its color is yellow, is bipolar, and horizontally oriented. This chakra relates to your ability to live and function independently, all matters of health and vitality, physical energy and drive, and immunity. It is also related to your ability to take care of yourself intelligently.

In harmony - Feeling of wholeness. Inner calm and peace. Inner tolerance and acceptance of others. A balance of the spiritual and material world.
Out of balance - No trust in the natural flow. Need to dominate. Emphasis on the material. Great need for material security.

The Fourth Chakra -- "The Heart"
The heart chakra is a very important part of Reiki of every type. It is located in the center of the chest at roughly the same location as your heart muscle, and in the same place on the back. Its color is green or pink, is bipolar, and horizontally oriented. This chakra relates to all matters of feeling and emotion, love, hate, fear, joy, acceptance, compassion, kindness, giving, receiving, and concern for fellow life-forms. It is crucial to finding your place in the universe and to knowing yourself. It is through this chakra that Reiki is delivered to its recipient.

In harmony - Exudes a feeling of wholeness. Tolerance and acceptance of life and relationships. Balance of the material and spiritual.
Out of harmony - The love you give is not sincere. You look for rewards. You cannot accept love given by others.

The Fifth Chakra -- "Throat"
The throat chakra is located in the base of the throat, about two finger-widths above the collar bone, and in roughly the same place on the back. It's color is Indigo blue, is bipolar, and horizontally oriented. This chakra relates to all matters of communication and interaction. As it is connected to the glands and structures of the neck and throat, this chakra is intimately connected to the
lymph tissues and glands, and therefore related to immunity and the bodies ability to heal itself.

In harmony - Knows balance of expression, silence ands speech. Knows how to listen to the "inner voice" trusts intuition.
Out of harmony - will manifest as difficulties communicating one's feelings and ideas, a weak voice, and difficulties accepting others' points of view.

The Sixth Chakra -- "The Third Eye"
The third eye is located at the space between your eyebrows and exactly the same place on the back of the head. It's color is dark blue or purple, is bipolar, and horizontally oriented. It relates to all matters of vision, imagination, creativity, sensory experience, and metaphysical matters. The third eye corresponds rather well to the Pineal gland and is directly connected to psychic awareness and Higher Sense Perception. For this reason the third eye is very important in the practice of Reiki.

In harmony - Awareness of spiritual side of being. Intuition and inner awareness into everyday life. Connects to the universe.
Out of harmony - Rejects spiritual aspects. Focus is on intellect and science. Only sees obvious, surface meaning. Afraid of intuition.

The Seventh Chakra -- "The Crown"
The Crown chakra is located at the top of the skull and has only one pole. It's color is traditionally white or golden and is vertically oriented with its funnel pointing toward the sky. This chakra is related to all matters of thinking, logic, higher spirituality, death, incarnation, and karma. It is through this chakra that you receive Reiki energy into your body and it will be through this chakra that your consciousness leaves at the time of your physical death (which is a likely explanation for why people who have near-death-experiences describe seeing a long tunnel of white light leading to a place of joy). This chakra is permanently opened at the time of your first degree attunement to Reiki.

In harmony - Living with the knowledge of Unity. Knowing that the Self reflects the Divine. Abandon individual ego for the Universal ego.
Out of harmony - Unable to let go of anxiety and fear. Unable to imagine Cosmic Unity. Depressed and unsatisfied.

Chakra System
Chakras -The Gateways To Consciousness

Chakra (SHOCK-rah) is a Sanskrit word that means "wheel of Light".
Traditionally there are seven Chakras and these are the energy of the etheric body.
The chakras appear as wheel-like vortices of pure energy and are sometimes referred to as "lotuses".
They spin at great speed and in a deeply spiritual person they become spheres of radiant energy.
Each chakra has its own purpose, association and connection.
Balancing the chakras and making them receptive to the Divine Universe is not only beneficial to well-being but also a way of uniting the individual Soul to the Universal Soul.

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