Mercury Retrograde 2020

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2020.

17th February until 10th March 2020

18th June until 10th July 2020

16th October until 3rd November 2020

Mercury Retrograde happens 3 times a year. Approximately 3 weeks each time. Mercury appears to move backward through the zodiac.

Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, electronics, technology and clear thinking.

Avoid making any major decisions when Mercury is Retrograde. As mercury Retrograde is associated with confusion, delays and frustration. Travel plans could go awry. So when Mercury is Retrograde, remain flexible, read all contracts carefully before signing. Double check all your travel plans before you leave home. Backup your computer. Keep an eye on your car, [lights, brakes etc.] You could lose things. Projects stall. Schedules get screwed up. Mercury Retrograde is a great time to take some time out to rethink your life purpose and make plans for the future after Mercury has gone Direct.

2020: Spiritual Awakening.

2020 Spiritual Awakening.

The Tarot Card for the year 2020 represents the Judgement card in the Tarot Key 20.

The Judgement card represents the year 2020. This card represents a cosmic wakeup call for us all this year. We have been in limbo long enough and it is time to wake up to our true spiritual self.
The coffins, represents the prisons of our lower selves, the manifest three dimensional physical world.
Archangel Gabriel has come for the purpose of salvation, he is the messenger waking up the dead to true life.
The trumpet and the seven lines emanating from the mouth of the trumpet, correspond to the seven chakras that are now liberated, tuned up, and Kundalini energy streaming forth throughout the spine up to the crown.
These seven tones carry the message of the trumpet, which cannot be ignored even by the sleeping or the deep.

Spiritual awakening is a shift in consciousness where we see the world through spiritual eyes. Not through the eyes of the EGO.
We serve two Masters throughout our life, the Higher Self and the Ego.

Spiritual awakening is a feeling like something has changed inside of you.
I was blessed to experience a spiritual awakening when I had my first Reiki treatment back in 1991.
I felt my whole body tingling and I experienced a change in consciousness.
I also felt that I had a clearing of all my negative thoughts and negative feelings about life itself.
I felt that I was floating on cloud nine. A feeling of being very happy and contented. I feeling of bliss that lasted for quite some time.
When we go through a spiritual awakening, we “wake up” to life. We think and feel differently. A very positive experience.
We start to question “Why we are here” and “Where are we going” We search for a more spiritual meaning in life. A search for God within ourselves.
We feel like we are a new person. Our dreams are more vivid. We are more interested in developing our psychic ability. We are more aware of our Guides and wish to communicate with them more often. We become more interested in New Age subjects and become interested in learning more about spiritual development by doing courses and workshops. Healing the self and others by learning Reiki or another energy healing modality is also very helpful to develop more spiritually. Everyone knows someone that can benefit from receiving healing.

2+ 0 + 2+ 0 added together = 4

Number 4 in Tarot represents the Emperor.

The Emperor is about stability and structure for 2020 It is time to put all your ideas and plans that you had a few years ago into action. You will also be called to step up and take on a leadership role this year whether it is at work, home or a group you belong to.

Tarot Courses

2020 in Numerology adds to a Number 4

A year of stability. A time to establish a secure base for your future. Work is the important for this year. Don’t forget to have some fun as well.

Patience and organisation pay off. A realistic attitude is important.

Financially, it can be a good year as long as you are prepared to work for it, as it won’t be handed to you on a plate. A practical period when the opportunity to make plans and build stronger foundations your future. A time to purchase land or a home is favourable.Watch your health this year by sticking to a healthy diet and exercise plan. This is not an easy year for relationships, this is another area you need to work on if you want it to last the distance.

Numerology Courses

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The Rede of the Wiccae

The Rede of the Wiccae
(The Counsel Of The Wise Ones)

Bide the Wiccan Law ye must,

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust;

Live ye must and let to live,
Fairly take and fairly give.
True in love, ever be,
Lest thy love be false to thee.

With a fool no season spend,
Nor be counted as his friend.
Soft of eye and light of touch,
Speak ye little, listen much.

Ever mind the rule of three,
What ye send out comes back to thee.
This lesson well, thou must learn
Ye only get what ye do earn.

Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill –
An it harm none, do as ye will.

Deosil go by waxing Moon,
Sing and dance the invoking Rune;
Widdershins go by waning Moon,
Chant ye then a freeing tune;

When the Lady’s Moon is new,
Kiss thy hand to Her times two;
When the Bow rides in the eve
Turn to what you would achieve;
When the Moon rides at her peak,
Then thy heart’s desire seek;
When the Sickle shows Her face
Release the old with proper grace.

Greet the Days and greet the Nights
With joy and thanks for all delights.
Sing the seasons all around
Til wondrous awe and love abound

Heed the North wind’s mighty gale,
Lock the door & trim the sail;
When the wind comes from the South,
Love will kiss thee on the mouth;

When the wind blows from the West,
Hearts will find their peace and rest;
When the wind blows from the East,
Expect the new and set the feast.

Nine woods in the Cauldron go,
Burn them quick and burn them slow;
Grape and fir and apple tree,
And Hawthorn are sacred to Thee,
Willow, hazel, rowan, birch,
And oak will guide your every search;
Elder be the Lady’s tree –
Burn it not or cursed ye’ll be.

Birchwood in the fire goes
To tell us true what Goddess knows.
Oak trees tower great with might,
Burn the Oak for God’s insight.
Rowan is a tree of power
Causing life and magick to flower.
Willows at the waters stand
To help us to the Summerland.
Hawthorn burn to purify
And draw the faerie to your eye.
Hazel tree, the wisdom sage,
Lends strength that comes with honoured age.
White the flowers of Apple tree,
The holy gift of fecundity.
Grape grows upon the fruitful vine,
Sacred gifts of joy and wine.
Fir’s ever greenness declares life
Succeeds beyond any strife.

Heed ye flower, bush, and tree,
And by the Lady Blessed be.
Where the rippling waters flow
Cast a stone and truth ye’ll know;

Four times the Major Sabbats mark
In the light and in the dark:

As the old year starts to wane
The new begins with dark Samhain.
When flowers blossom through the snow
Fair Brighid casts her seed to sow.
When winter yields to warmth’s return
Let the Beltane fires burn.
As summer turns to Lammas night
First fruits and Grain Gods reach their height.

Four times the Minor Sabbats fall
Use the Sun to mark them all:

At Yuletide, with feast and mirth
We celebrate the God Child’s birth.
Spring Equinox, Eostara’s fest,
All newborn creatures will be blessed.
When the Sun has reached its height
Celebrate the greatest Light.
Offer thanks at second reaping;
Mabon poised for winter’s sleeping.

Cast the circle thrice about,
To keep unwelcome spirits out.
To bind the spell well every time,
Let the spell be spake in rhyme.

Follow this with mind & art,
Bright the cheeks and warm the heart,
And merry meet & merry part
And merry meet again!

Reiki For Pets

Reiki For Pets.

Reiki is pronounced Ray-Key, and is a Japanese word representing Universal energy.

Reiki is a complementary therapy to be used in conjunction with Traditional Veterinary Treatments.
Reiki is applied to treat dis-ease and promote the animal’s wellbeing.
Animals love Reiki. It is gentle and can never do any harm.
Reiki can help maintain health on all levels in healthy animals.
Reiki when activated and used for healing, addresses the animal’s body, mind and spirit.
Reiki is recommended for treating pain, anxiety and behaviour problems.
The Reiki treatment is done by the Reiki Practitioner by placing his/her hands on the animal at different locations on their body.
Reiki can be given to any type of animal.
If the animal is considered poisonous, wild and dangerous, it is best to treat them using Distant Healing.

It accelerates the animal’s body’s ability to heal its physical ailments.
It increases vitality and stamina.
Strengthens the immune system.
Helps alleviate pain.
Accelerates healing following surgery or illness.
Helps with relaxation and reduces stress.
Can help with behaviour issues.
It helps to cleanse the body of toxins.
If your beloved pet is dying, Reiki can bring you and them peace and comfort during this difficult time.
No diagnosis is required as Reiki goes where it is needed.

Reiki is not a substitute for traditional veterinary treatment.
It complements other health care.
Reiki can do no harm and does not interfere with any other treatment or medication. Reiki is gentle, painless and non-evasive and stress free for the animal.

My siamese cat named Cosmo had digested problem when I bought him from the breeder. I was considering taking him back to the breeder. But after some thought I decided that if I couldn’t try to help him with Reiki treatments, maybe no-one else could help him, so I decided Cosmo could stay with me.
I fed him human grade beef mince, noodles and McCains vegetables. If I bought the home brand instead of his McCains brand he would just vomit. He had a very sensitive stomach.
My Reiki table was of no interest to Cosmo unless I had just done a Reiki treatment on a client that day. Once the client left, I would look for Cosmo and would find him sleeping on the Reiki table absorbing all the excess Reiki energy from the Reiki table.
Animals are spiritual Beings and love Reiki. They give us unconditional love. They teach us about commitment and acceptance.

Reiki Treatments are available for People and Pets.

Astrology. The Sun.

The Sun in Astrology.

Astrology is a science based on a map of the heaven at the time you were born.

The Sun in the your Astrology Chart is a symbol of your individuality, shows your main expression and indicates the reason each person has taken this incarnation. The hearts desires. The inner Self.

The Sun’s position by house [which can only be known if the birth hour is given] indicates the place of activities.

The House the Sun is in shows where you will shine in life. It is the life and heart of the horoscope.

When looking at the birth chart, first look to the Sign the Sun is in, and then go to the House position the Sun is in..

When a Planet is in the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th House, it is strong in that House position.

When a Planet is in the 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th House, it is weaker in that House position.

When a Planet is in the 3rd , 6th, 9th and 12th House, it is weakest in that House position.

The Tarot Card that represents the Sun in the Tarot is Key 19, the Sun .

If the Sun and Moon are harmonious to each other then the life will be harmonious.

When they are placed in Signs and Houses inharmonious to each other, you may look for some conflict between the subconsciousness and the inner life of the person.

In Astrology, the Sun is the ruler of Leo. Whenever the Sun is in the Sign of Leo, it is Strong or Dignified.
If the Sun is placed in the opposite Sign of Aquarius, it is Detriment and the solar vigour and vitality are somewhat lessened by this position.
If the Sun is placed in Aries, it is Exalted and this is the strongest Sign position for the Sun.
If the Sun is placed in the Sign opposite to Aries which is Libra, it is in it’s Fall and this is the weakest position for the Sun.


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What does Your House Number say about Your Home

What does Your House Number say About Your Home?

Doreen from Sunz ‘n’ Moonz Oracle has been studying Numerology for over 25 years and teaches Numerology in person and through Correspondence Numerology Courses. Courses.html

“House Numbers” can have an influence in your home and your life.
The street you live in is a lesson for all the people that live in that street.
Your House Number is your Personal Lesson to learn whilst you are living in that home.

Odd Numbers Houses are masculine houses. Even Numbers Houses are Feminine houses. One is not better than another.

Number 1 encourages independence and standing on your own two feet. Original ideas are thought of in this house. The house and garden is usually different from the rest of the street. Perfect for a new experiences in life. Suitable for strong independent people. If you are single this is a great house for you.

Number 2 encourages partnerships. A quiet and friendly house for couples who like to help each other and are co-operative. A beautiful garden. Great for psychic development and work.

Number 3 encourages creative expression and laughter. A happy home with lots of communication. This is the social house with plenty of social events. Fun, happiness and joy. Also the house of the artist, actor, musician, dancer, writer.

Number 4 encourages practicality and stability. An ideal home for settling down. Some hard work is needed in this home but remember to make time for relaxation. This is an ideal house for people that are great with their hands.

Number 5 encourages freedom. This house has a lot of traffic. A very busy house with people coming and going. These occupants love to travel and love adventure. They get bored very easy. You need to set goals and focus on achieving them.

Number 6 encourages domesticity and family. People feel safe here because of the nurturing atmosphere. A house full of love. An ideal place to raise your family. Beautiful decor.

Number 7 encourages contemplation and meditation. A peaceful house. A place to relax and study. Spiritual growth and a lot of learning about life in this house. Plumbing problems are possible.

Number 8 encourages business and money. Plenty of opportunities for career growth and earning money. The house of high achievers. Remember to keep balance between the material and spiritual world or losses can occur.

Number 9 encourages humanitarian. An ideal home for those who put others before themselves. Often the occupants serve the community in some way. A love of animals. A healing house. A place where the occupants need to learn forgiveness.

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The Pattern on the Trestleboard.

This is the Truth About the Self

0./ All the Power that ever was or will be is here now.
1./ I am a centre of expression for the Primal Will-to-Good which eternally creates and sustains the Universe.
2./ Through me its unfailing Wisdom takes form in thought and word.
3./ Filled with Understanding of its perfect law, I am guided, moment by moment, along the path of liberation.
4./ From the exhaustless riches of its Limitless Substance, I draw all things needful, both spiritual and material.
5./ I recognize the manifestation of the Undeviating Justice in all the circumstances of my life.
6./ In all things, great and small, I see the Beauty of the Divine Expression.
7./ Living from that Will, supported by its unfailing Wisdom and Understanding, mine is the Victorious Life.
8./ I look forward with confidence to the perfect realization of the Eternal Splendour of the Limitless Light.
9./ In thought and word and deed, I rest my life, from day to day, upon the sure Foundation of Eternal Being.
10./ The Kingdom of Spirit is embodied in my flesh.
Say Daily.

Learn the Tarot and Become a Professional Tarot Reader

Learn the Tarot and Become a Professional Tarot Reader.

Have you bought Tarot Cards and need help to fulfil your dreams of becoming a Professional Tarot Reader?

A Tarot packet contains 78 tarot cards. 22 of them are Major Arcana cards, they represent our major lessons in life and 56 Minor Arcana cards, they represent our day to day comings and goings. It can be a bit daunting trying to understand all of the 78 cards at first. There are lots of great books about Tarot and lots of information online.

Tarot is a tool for Self Discovery.

The art of Tarot is not just used for fortune telling, it is a powerful tool for psychic development.

Meditating with one card at a time and writing everything you can see on the card in a journal or notebook is a great way to connect with each card.

Shuffling your Tarot cards every day and picking a card for the day is another great way to get to know each card.

Colouring black and white pictures of each Tarot card has a profound effect on your subconscious.

The tarot is a spiritual, self-analytical system designed for transmuting all your old karma into a new being.

Tarot teaches us about consciousness in the language of symbols.

Tarot is a life time of study.

When you learn about the Tarot you will have all the tools you need to guide you on your journey

Working with Tarot.

Increases your awareness.

Colours become more vivid.

Your emotions feel more alive.

Your sense of touch more sensitive.

You become aware of the inner states of the emotions of other people.

Learn the wisdom of the Tarot.

Not only to help others, but also to help yourself.

The Tarot Course will teach you the symbolism on each of the 78 tarot cards.

Including: the Colours, the Numbers, Astrology reference, etc.

Tarot Spreads, Psychic Protection, Meditation, Reading Techniques, Tarot Ethics, becoming a professional tarot reader and more are included in the Tarot Course.

Doreen Founder of Sunz ‘n’ Moonz Oracle offers a Tarot Course with 16 lessons.

A Certificate will be issued when you successfully complete the Tarot Course.

You will need a pack of Rider and Waite Tarot Cards or purchase them at the Tarot Course when you arrive.

Morning and Evening Courses are available in Craigieburn, Melbourne

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Bookings are Essential.

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An Approved Training Provider with I.I.C.T

A Graduate of B.O.T.A. A Professional Member of the International Psychic Association.

Doreen provides continuous support after the completion of the course.

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What age were you?

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What Does Your Name Say About YOU

What Does Your Name Say About YOU?

Your Name/s and Date of Birth are analysed to answer that “Age Old Question”

“Who am I”, “Why am I here”, “Where am I going”

Many people get to a stage in their life where they feel stuck and start to question their life. Numerology is a method of character analysis which uses the Name/s to solve that question. Numerology enables us to take an objective, unbiased look at ourselves and discover our natural talents and abilities.

What is really in a name?

It contains the essence of a person’s being and all the characteristics of that person.

The Name given to you at birth represents your basic character and potential.

It shows your Character, your Inner Self.

What Motivates You. Strengths and Weakness.

Are you a Leader or Nurturer. Or perhaps you are here to be the social butterfly or to work hard?

Any Name changes in life are significant. When a woman gets married she may change her Surname. Also, some people change their Name by Depol. These changes are significant.

My students often ask me “How can changing your Name make that much difference”?

When a Name changes, it vibrates at a different rate. The person’s personality can change.

Example. If a person’s Path of Destiny [which is the whole Name added together] is a Leader and liked to be independent and not prepared to be a follower with the Birth Name.

When they may get married and change their Name,  their Path of Destiny with their married Name is a Peacemaker and they are happy to  follow their partner instead of taking the lead, this is how the personality can change.

Also, How people see them may also be different.

If you have weaknesses in your Name, with a Name change you may turn a weakness into a strength.

A Numerology Reading will explain all about your SOUL’S CONTRACT.

[What you have come to learn in this lifetime.]

Up to 15 – 18 pages of information about “YOU”

Your Date of Birth is one number that cannot be altered.

You can change your Name as often as you like but your Date of Birth is the most important number that reveals “Why You are Here”.  That cannot be changed.

Your Date of Birth reveals your Life Path, lessons to be learned, path to take and goals in life.

Your Date of Birth also shows the Cycles and Challenges to overcome at different stages of your life.

One benefit of a Numerology Reading is that it doesn’t require a personal visit.

Numerology Readings, Numerology Courses and Online Numerology Courses and Numerology Workshops are available.

Visit Sunz ‘n’ Moonz Oracle to get more information.

Have you been interested in your name and what it means?

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God with My Soul

“ I will look upon every circumstance of my life as a particular dealing with God and my soul”.

Every circumstance, not just some of them.

Each experience is an indication that God is growing your personality.

We can lead positive and happy live because we are in touch with God through the Angels. We do receive advice regularly. Sometimes we listen and other times we don’t. We have “free will”.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could achieve everything we wanted in life?

Our life would be simple.  We have enough money, love, happiness in our life.

Life isn’t like that, of course.

Life is a learning process full of adventures and lessons. We all experience ups and downs on our Path of Return.

We tend to play the blame game for the negative things that happen to us, but in fact, we subconsciously attract everything that happens to us. It is usually our own thoughts that hold us back.

We are like magnets that attract to ourselves whatever we think about.

Positive thoughts brings good things to us, negative thoughts of poverty, loss and negativity, we attract those things to us as well.

Changing the way you think can literally change your life.

Ask the Angels for advice and guidance, but remember they can’t do the work for you.


If you don’t get your answer first time, then ask again another day. Your answer can come in many ways.

A sign, a feather, a coin, in a dream, music – listen to the lyrics, whilst you are doing your ironing, which has happened to me.

Sunz ‘n’ Moonz Oracle.